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Unfeathered Ink is dedicated to helping you transform feelings of stress, overwhelm, self-doubt and impossibility into clarity, confidence, creativity, and self-awareness through writing and self-exploration. Discover: the practice of shifting perspective, new ways to communicate, and how to express the truest version of yourself.

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1:1 Sessions

Individualized coaching and hourly services for: any step of the writing process; general creative collaboration; & meditation or wholistic guidance. $45/hr


Group sessions will be structured according to topic while also being led by participant needs. Free for students. Drop-in rate $15/person; 6 person limit.


Enroll in a course for an in-depth experience or explore our calendar for upcoming classes and other live events. Prices vary.

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Multi Media Courses

Lifetime access to hours of amazing, in-depth course material, PDF & video support, in lesson chat & commenting, and additional resources.

Guided & Self Paced

From any device, any time at your convenience. Pick up where you left off with no limits on the number of times you can view and access lessons. Plus, you’ll  be supported along the way!

Word Warrior Community

Join & connect with other creatives & explorers of the self. Learn and share, seek support, and network in a private & secure community.
All donations to Unfeathered Ink fund scholarship spots to our online courses, Anatomy & Alchemy of the Word Warrior and The Word Warrior Formula.

On behalf of myself, Unfeathered Ink, and our scholarship recipients, I would like to express my gratitude. Your donation supports the arts, meditative practices, those seeking to understand themselves better, and a small business! By decreasing our recipients' financial concerns, you gift them a greater opportunity to be able to focus on a healthy, creative, and guided journey toward personal growth and self-expression through writing.

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As a community-minded business, we are relationship-focused, relatable, & pro-diversity. Unfeathered Ink and all members of its team reserve the right to terminate service with anyone not in compliance with community standards and expectations. 

Melody Norton

Founder|CEO|Writing & Meditation Coach
   Growing up a child of many cultures, Melody is constantly looking for connections between her experiences and those of others. She’s a firm believer that common ground can be found when we communicate through the universal mediums of art, ritual, and language. Melody is persistent in her pursuit to normalize the idea of unity among cultures through the same multidisciplinary approach found in her field of study: Anthropology with emphasis on culture, folklore, rituals, linguistics, and psychology.
   Melody has spent 20+ years as a career administrator with executive level experience in communications, customer relations, small business administration, as well as team & project management. Unfeathered Ink is proud to serve its growing and culturally eclectic community through coaching & publishing services.
   When not on the clock, Melody enjoys binge streaming TV & movies, time with family & friends, meditating, hiking, dancing, and writing poetry.

Antonio Chang

Videographer|Design Editor|Course Tester

   Like his mother, Antonio has an appreciation for culture and community which has led him to studying Japanese language, customs, and martial arts.  
   Unfeathered Ink’s newest team member is an avid PC gamer who also favors most things Nintendo. As a homeschool student, he enjoys the flexibility of focusing on things he’s passionate about like, video game design, digital art, video editing, and music. With a knack for creative expression and attention to technical and artistic detail, Antonio enjoys spawning new ideas and participating in collaborative feedback.
   Antonio is a tech savvy teen who has limitless aspirations. As someone who is motivated by the idea of bringing others joy, he has dreams of one day owning his own successful video game company.